Twasn’t the greatest of weekends last weekend as far as watching what I ate went (more about that here and here)! And a takeaway from Copper & Spice meant that this would be one of the more interesting weigh in’s.

Now I’m not on a diet, because I don’t believe in them. Ruling out some foods just because will never make anyone any better. What I need to do is just make decisions for myself like do I need that can of coke at lunch? There are day’s that I’d like it, there are day’s that I’d really like it, and those days, I have it. To me, that’s not caving in, that’s just me making a decision to have something that I know is full of sugar.


Last Weeks Weight: 116.0kg’s

This Weeks Weight: 114.7kg’s

Loss\Gain:                     -1.3kg’s.