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Getting Started – Buying a bike.

So the first thing that needed to happen for me to start training on a bike, was to get a bike.

Not easy when you haven’t the slightest of clues about bikes, or where to even start. Luckily, I’ve a few people to talk to about this. Knowing my budget was the most important part of buying my first bike. To be honest, not knowing if this is something I would continue with, I decided to not go mad. I just wanted something in around the €300 mark. Something to get me on the road, and if I like it, I know I’ll end up selling it and getting something new.

Carrera TDF – €320

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Learning to walk again…

So, before I go on my C25K adventure, I want to drop between 105-110kg’s (Ideally I’d wait until i drop under 100). My weight, coupled with the fact that I walk incorrectly make running difficult. That and the fact that I really dislike it.

In my lifetime the only time I can remember enjoying running was when I was chasing a ball. So for now, it’ll be cycling and swimming.