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C25k – W4 – Done!

So with the disaster of a cycle this morning, I  decided it was time to attack W4D3. And it turns out the treadmill is a lot easier. Mainly due to the fact that it helps you pace yourself I think. I’m going to get a GoPro and record my running and see what way I land on my feet on the treadmill and compare it to the road.

My jog’s are at 6min /km (30 min 5k) but in the last 5 minute stint before cooldown I started pushing it a bit. 6m/km for the first min, 5:45/km for the next min, 5:30/km for the next min, 5:15/km for the next, and 5:00/km for the last one.

It was a push but I made it! was glad to hit that cooldown!

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Multi Trip – no not travel insurance…

Ride 1: Set out to do a 62km, 3 hour cycle. It was foggy leaving home and just got worse as I went on, decided to turn home for safetys sake.

Went for a run to make up though (see next post). Sitting down for a cuppa tae after that mom was wondering how she’d feel about cycling (her legs have been paining her on the cross trainer) so I told her I’d keep her company if she wanted to go for a cycle to see how she felt. (thats ride 2) We went and did some shopping and cycled back home.

Cup of tae later she had convinced dad that he needed to do some exercise, so ride 3. There were a few times I even had to pedal with him, he’s not afraid of a bit of pace.

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