So I’ve started. And I’m delighted I did.

Day 1 is ok, although I don’t know how somebody would do it straight off the couch.

5 minute warm up, thats ok. I can do that.

  • 1 minute run
  • 1 minute 30 sec walk
  • 8 times

5 minute cool down.

1 of the run’s I had to walk for, my lungs weren’t even close to happy to let me jog for it, but that was around number 5/6. The first run only lasted 50 seconds. Then I had a chat with myself, said, “do it…”, and I did. Except for number 8 (and the one I had to walk) I completed the 60 second runs. But my god is my body not used of it! God help me Thursday when I go for day 2…

Stats for todays run: 
Distance: 3.34km
Time: 32m 00s
Cal Burned: 415(I know its not accurate but it gives it to me!)