So with the disaster of a cycle this morning, I ¬†decided it was time to attack W4D3. And it turns out the treadmill is a lot easier. Mainly due to the fact that it helps you pace yourself I think.¬†I’m going to get a GoPro and record my running and see what way I land on my feet on the treadmill and compare it to the road.

My jog’s are at 6min /km (30 min 5k) but in the last 5 minute stint before cooldown I started pushing it a bit. 6m/km for the first min, 5:45/km for the next min, 5:30/km for the next min, 5:15/km for the next, and 5:00/km for the last one.

It was a push but I made it! was glad to hit that cooldown!

Stats for todays run:
Distance: 3.9km
Time: 32m 00s
Cal Burned: 562 (I know its not accurate but it gives it to me!)