So, I wanted to push it out a bit today. At first the plan was to be dropped out the country and cycle home, aiming for just under 20k. But my lift was unavailable early enough to make it a viable plan, so had to come up with a route on the fly. One of the unfortunate things I’m missing is a drinks holder on my bike. And a lock! That means, I can’t carry water, and I can’t stop at the shop to get water. There was only one thing to do. Cycle somewhere I could stop. Time to visit the brother…

Should have looked at the map first. It was just over 12km’s away. And honestly, I’d have liked a drink before that. But hindsight is an amazing thing. The plus side was, I felt amazing at the end of the 12km. Decided to take a longer hillier (remember, I learned how to gear) route home.

So where does the title come from? Well on my 25(odd) km’s I met about 10 people on the road out for cycles. Every single one of them had a smile, a wave, a “hello”. It was just nice.

Stats for todays ride:
Distance: 25.67km
Time: 1h 22m 01s
Cal Burned: 1097 (I know its not accurate but it gives it to me!)