After the cycle, I got excited, and decided to go for a “run”. Now I know I said I was going to start C25k when I was down to 100kg’s, but its 9 weeks to Tri time, and I cant run. I’ve to learn how to walk again too, so I decided that tonight was the night. So started walking with my girlfriend, aim was the shop and back (1.5km) but when I got there I wasn’t feeling too bad. So we (I, because this was only a stroll to her) decided to go the longer way home. Got to the turn off for the house and decided to keep walking instead of turning in. “Up to the roundabout” and off with us. Added on an extra km! not bad for the first one! especially after 20km on the bike!

I know I can finish the tri now. Now how fast can it be. At the current pace, I’m looking at 2 hours 20 minutes. I’d like to get below 2 hours.

Stats for todays run: 
Distance: 3.15km
Time: 34m 44s
Cal Burned: 348(I know its not accurate but it gives it to me!)