Westport as I have said previously, has amazing scenery. And GreenWay is ment to be one of the most beautiful cycles in the country. So as the saying goes “when in Rome…”

We set off on the cycle, and got to a signpost, left (downhill) looked countryside, and right(uphill) was back towards Westport. We decided to go left, not because of downhill, but because of countryside. After about 5 minutes, we were on more of a dirt trail than anything. So we turned back and headed up the hill…


Now as you can see from the graph, its not that steep at the start, but the length of it, it made it tough…


15 odd minutes up a hill… my legs…  the downhill section was nice though… Maybe I don’t know how to gear properly yet!

On the way home from Westport, we stopped in Oughterard and had a 3 course dinner at The Boat Inn . Food was amazing, but should I have had desert!? Two days in a row not eating properly 😮

To make matters worse, once we got home, we had a BBQ with my family! Weigh in next Saturday will be interesting!
Stats for todays ride: 
Distance: 11.32km
Time: 46m 37s
Cal Burned: 535(I know its not accurate but it gives it to me!)