First day back in the gym, with a new trainer, Gavin.

Nice 5-10 minute warm up, then the fun started…

Group 1 SuperSet, Group 2 TriSet

Core workout at the end, into 3 x speed runs on rowing machine.

Group 1 (3 reps)

10 x Dead Lift @ 50kg’s (40 for set1)

10 x Lat Pull Down @ 30kg’s (25 for set 3 & last 3 of set 2)

60 rest.

Group 2 (2 reps)

10 (each side) x Reverse Lunge* @ 5kg’s

10 (each side) x Single Arm Incline Dumbell Press @ 10kg’s

10 x Romanian Dead Lift @ 40kg’s

60 rest.


*From Standing still, do a reverse lunge straight up to a knee raise. No returning to standing position until swapping legs.


 General Feeling:

My god did I need to get back into weights… Gonna be tight tomorrow. Foam Roller? Think so…


Stats for todays session: 
Time: 60m 00s
Cal Burned: 898(I know its not accurate but it gives it to me!)