Set 2 with Gavin.

Started with about 5 minutes on the spinning bike, just to loosen up my legs, then into bodyweight squats and lunges, wap up complete.

Group 1 SuperSet, Group 2 TriSet

Core workout at the end, into 2 x speed runs on rowing machine.

Group 1 (3 reps)

10 x Romanian Dead Lift @ 40kg’s

10 x Bench Press @ 50kg’s (set 1 & 2 were 40kg’s)

60 rest.

Group 2 (2 reps)

10(each side) x dumbell press @ (10kg’s, 8kg’s, 7kg’s)

10 (each side) x Reverse Lunge* @ 7kg’s

10 (each side) x Rotator Cuff rotations @ 3kg’s **

60 rest.

*From Standing still, do a reverse lunge straight up to a knee raise. No returning to standing position until swapping legs.

** I’ll figure out how to explain it later…

 General Feeling:

Confirmed, shoulder shagged, the rotator cuff exercises were super super difficult. Could feel my neck engaging once or twice, which, is not good. But I highlighted it to Gavin, and stopped when I couldn’t do any more instead of engaging the neck muscles.

Stats for todays session: 
Time: 60m 00s
Cal Burned: 898(I know its not accurate but it gives it to me!)