This was the first tough cycle. I’ve only been out in the sun so far. What is this wind about? Why is cycling into a what was probably a light breeze so difficult? Now don’t get me wrong, my legs weren’t feeling the best either, so that probably had something to do with it, but wow does it make a difference.

The first 5k was torture, cycling right into it. But the legs loosened up an awful lot as the ride went on. Unfortunately I got distracted in the last 2k, met kids of a friends of mine. They were waiting for mom, so I stopped for a chat. Also a bad idea. I was cold once I got going again, and it’s a generally terrible feeling.

On the plus side, into the wind or not, it was 15k in 45m, just a touch over a 20km/h average, an improvement. I like improvement!


Stats for todays ride:
Distance: 15.09km
Time: 45m 05s
Cal Burned: 615 (I know its not accurate but it gives it to me!)