Left work this evening thinking I wouldn’t have time to get out on the bike. I had a training session with one of my swimmers in just 90 minutes. But as I drove home decided I’d make a nice easy 10k, and not have dinner, just a small bite to eat. So that’s what I did. Quick Google maps check to see a route I’d been meaning to take and I was off.

Mostly flat according to Google maps.




Now I know it’s only a gradual increase, but It felt like all I was doing was cycling uphill. Not great considering the “mountain” I “climbed” at the weekend! I’m going to be resting the legs until Saturday. Going to attempt my first 30k. I can do it!

Stats for todays ride: 
Distance: 10.83km
Time: 34m 33s
Cal Burned: 442(I know its not accurate but it gives it to me!)