Worlds End Tri – Facebook page!

I made it… Only writing the report today because I had a very downtime day yesterday!

First things first, my girlfriend and I accidentally ended up with the wrong number\chips 😮 Luckly enough we have our own strengths and could easily identify who was who in the results!

175m Swim – 3:03

Not too bad considering it was the first time my wetsuit got wet! I’ve never swam properly in a wetsuit before. 50 try-a-tri’ers in a small space didn’t make it easy. Being a strong swimmer, I just legged it for the first 100 or so, because I wanted to get out of the crowd, and that I did. Went much faster than I had anticipated. Was aiming to do a very relaxing 4minute ish swim.

T1 – Water -> Bike – 3:40

Dis-com-bob-ulated much!? I was all over the shop. Put on my helmet, then tried to put on my T-Shirt?! Not the smoothest of transitions. But got through and out on the road on the bike.

20k bike – 49:14

Still not really with myself, it took about 4k to settle into the bike. Not wanting to look like a total noob I didn’t have my phone as my bike computer, and I was probably better off because I’d have been looking at that too much. I had no idea how fast (or slow!) I was going. Found my pace after that and kept the legs moving. Not an easy task on the first “climb”, which was made worse by dropping my water-bottle and having to stop on the hill (between 11k & 12k). A small decent, a bit of flat and then another hill. God I hate hills. Still this one was short, and just leading into it you knew that there was a lovely descent after, and it was flat to T2. GoGoGoGo…

T2 – Bike -> Run – 2:30

Not enough water on the bike. Was very glad of the water station in T2. Used that and set off running

5k Run – 39:36

Had the plan from the lead up to this, 60 run 90 walk. Wanted to stick with that. but after the first run (just barely got out of T2) it was an uphill walk. I decided I could do better. 60/75. I can do this. That would be 9 mins per km, rough guesstimate while walking. So that was the strategy. Which worked, for the first 4km’s. In the last 1km with all the people catching up with me and telling me “well done, keep it going” I jogged most of the last km, with company. Walked when I had to, at the end of the day I was willing to go 60/75 for the last km as well, so a few walks weren’t going to be that bad for overall time. Turned the last bend. I can see the finish line. I’m actually going to do it…

Boom – Done.

First triathlon over. OK so looking back, I could have done the full swim. It wouldn’t have effected how I did the other two. But now I know that. I’m delighted with achieving this in such a short time frame. Onward and upward I say!

Total Time: 1hr 38mins 5secs