What a difference a bit of padding makes! Just set off for a cycle with no particular aim ( a dangerous way to train, but i’m just trying to build experience on the bike). I was hoping to make it across town to get a bulb for the car, but that was just an idea, not really an aim.

Started peddling in that general direction and had to stop after 2k. I know what my next purchase is going to be. I need to get some water bottles on the bike! After refuelling, I hit the road again and covered another 4k to make it to the motor factors. In truth, I kinda wished it was further away, it was nearly terrible to stop.

So wasn’t taking the same route home. Decided to hit a longer ride on the way home. And get in some hills. After the first attempt at a hill, I realised that I have no idea what gear I should be trying to climb, I definitely made the ride much worse that it should have been.


Stats for todays ride:
Distance: 14.4km
Time: 46m 47s
Cal Burned: 621 (I know its not accurate but it gives it to me!)