And I’ll eat if I want to… And it’s not that I haven’t been eating, it’s just I’ve been much more concious of what I eat, and when I eat.

For my birthday my amazing girlfriend brought me to Killary Adventure Center. That’s why this post is in training. We went climbing. My god, my grip is terrible. And bless the poor instructor the first time I fell, she went flying. The rest of our morning session was a little more relaxing, a giant swing and some archery.

In the afternoon we went on the fjord and did some kayaking and a gorge walk. So all in all a pretty active day.

The “problem”, dinner was burger and chips. Which I’d have gotten over, but the burger was clearly deep fat fried. It tasted OK, but wasn’t the greatest food I’d ever eaten.

We were staying in Westport (beautiful part of the country) but we didn’t realise how hard it would be to get dinner. We ended up taking a 10pm booking in JJ O’Malleys. The food was amazing, but that late at night, all we were ready for after it was bed. So sleeping on a full stomach. Not a great idea for the auld weight loss!