Headed to visit the parents. 40km’s. This was to be the longest spin yet.

About 12km’s in, still felt like my front tyre was a little flat, so stopped and gave it a pump. Still didn’t feel great, but I kept going. Cycle was good. Kept a good tempo up, was quite happy with how I was feeling.

The one mistake I did make was I passed a shop after 20km’s. I should probably have stopped for a cuppa. It was the last chance to stop before home. But a lesson learned.

Got towards home, and the folks weren’t there, so headed over to a friends house. We were talking about the bike and he said, “jesus those tyres are looking a bit flat” so we gave them a pump with the compressor. Now just before that, I gave them a pump with my hand pump, so I could check how much pressure I was getting in manually. 40psi, out of the 90-110 that should be in there.

Pumped up both tyres, the back was at about 80psi (it never felt soft!). Got them up to 100psi, and about 2 minutes later “BANG”. Back tyre just exploded.


Stats for todays ride: 
Distance: 40.05km
Time: 2h 23m 58s
Cal Burned: 2226 (I know its not accurate but it gives it to me!)